lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Scrapbook / Anuario "Los Piolines 2008"

This is the Scrapbook I made for the Graduated Class 2008, graduated for Ya Se Leer!! at Piolin Pre-School.... each book has 20 pages, 11 dedicated to the kids each one has his own page with a little bit of history from his years at school.
As you can see there's only boys in that group, 11 in total!!! Wao! the teacher had and did a wondeful job with each one...... Teacher Xiomara, she was a very dedicated and perseverance person... never gave up on them...... Thank you, Tia Xiomara!! you are miss!!

I had such a wonderful time making this Scrapbook-Yearbook, for each one...!! It was great..
See you next time!!

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