lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

My ideal Girl Cave {Chairish}

Welcome to my Blog! Today I'm happy to share with you what my ideal Girl "Cave" would be. I love to be cozy and creative so my ideal Cave space would be around just that - and to gather friends and family.
So I began by choosing metal and wood bar stools from Chairish. They have so many cute and unique stools for any area in your home- be it cave, kitchen, office or bar. Have you visited Chairish?

Chairish is an exclusive curator-approved online market filled with vintage items. There are so many treasures just waiting to be found. I'm so excited! You and check out their site, you'll be happy you did!  You never know what you will stumble upon - and really they carry the sort of items that help you make your home unique and individual. Mix in your present big box items with their finds, and your will be surprise of the wonderful space that you create. I create this board with the pictures of all my findings to give you an idea of the way I'd love for my space to feel - and what kinds of pretty little things I'd enjoy using.
The Iron Bar Stools I find them so pretty for any indoor or outdoor I love the lovely yellow covers.
and the Zebra Bar stools, I find it adorable. And also the Antique Early 20th Century Green Buffet credenza, the table the furniture, the lamp the furniture and tables and some of the mostly likely decorative items that I would add to my space. -I just love the look of each one!

Putting together this beautiful space makes me want to freshen up my own.  

Other things I find that are essential to have in this girly space:
candles and great prints!

I hope you enjoyed my take on the "cave" concept.  Check out Chairish to see what you can add to your space to make it come alive, and look below for links to everything on the idea boards.

After looking at all of the ideas here - what would be your top must have's to bring comfort and beauty to you in your space?


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