Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Personalized Clipboards!!

Hello and Welcome to my blog!!
Wooo hoooo! Here's another of our lovely recent Creations.... this time some Customed Handmade Personalized Clipboards!!!  - (what a long name, jijiji), as a Teacher's end of  Year Gift.

Another great step by step tutorial.
1.- Gather your supplies:  few color of cardstock, Designer Paper, clipboards, Mod Podge, sponge and some acrilics paints and of course! my spatula :)

2.- Use your acrilic paint and  paint both clipboards a thin layer of white first, then use your color of choice.
3.- Then using your sponge, mod podge and spatula :) adhere the combination of papers you choose, do this with calm and making sure all papers is adhering to the clipboard and no air bubbles is caught in there!

4.- When all papers is adhere apply a thin layer of mod podge to the whole front of the clipboards making sure all pieces are paste it correctly and no air bubbles at sight!

5.- 30 or 45 minutes later depending on the weather... jiijiji! the clipboard is all dry.

6.- Just accent your clipboard with the embellishments that you like for this 2 I add the name of the Teacher on the back and done.. Clipboards ready!! 
If you would like more bright and chic look, you could add some ribbon to the clip on top.  I love how they look with all various colors of ribbon !!! :)
You will end up with a Clipboard like this... front  and back!!
The customer was pleased and the teacher loved it!! What do you think?
We can customized any clipboard and also we have smaller one if you like.
Be sure to check back again soon, I have more lovely Creations to show you!!

If you would like this or any of our creations feel free to write to pattychalas@hotmail.com 
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