Monday, June 15, 2015

Custom Notepad!! {Step by Step Tutorial}

Hello and Welcome to my blog!!
Wooo hoooo ! In the next few days I will be sharing with you some of our latest Creation that I've created for some wonderful customers and that I reallly love the outcome...
First,  This one is a very cute Custom Notepad that we created for a special Teacher who was leaving the country to follow her dream in acting.
Here's the step by step tutorial.

1.- Gather all supplies:  few color of cardstock, Designer Paper, Notepad, Mod Podge and sponge. You can't see it but spatula too!! :)

 2.- When you have your combination ready and all pieces cut, for this Notepad my pieces ( using 2 colors of CS )  (2) 7" x 5" White and Green, (2) 7" x 4" Orange and the (1) 7" x 2" for the blue border.
Then using the sponge and mod podge paste the CS and DP to front and back of notepad.
Tip: use your spatula to run from up to down a bit at time to paste. - that way you won't have any air bubbles caught up!  At the end you will have something like this:

3.- When I have my 2 pieces all pasted up, I run a thin layer of the Mod Pogde (did I mention that I have a great recipe for my own mod podge?) to the whole pieces but only to the fronts of each one. 

4.- When is all dry .... like 30 minutes later :)- you can go ahead and make the perforation to the edge of each piece,  for mine, I used my great for the job.... Cinch machine.
All perforation done!! Just add your pieces to your notepad.
5.- As a finished accent for the prettiness of my Notepads I always cut 2 pieces of white adhesive paper to add to the inside of each piece.- that way the cannot see all the pasting  and ends of CS & DP and my work looks clean you'll end up with something like this....

6.- For this special notepad I print and Die cut a  phrase for the front and her name and add them in place  to the front. If you like you can apply a thin layer of mod podge again to the cover so the phrase and name gets adhere completely ..... just let dry for another 30 minutes or so.....and Voula!!!  
Your Customed / Personalized notepad is all done!!

It will look something like this: (some other versions that I will share soon you will see the same Notepad but with lots of ribbon on the edge) :)

The customer was pleased with the outcome and the teacher loved it!! What do you think?
We can customized any notepad and also made your notepad from scratch if you like.
Be sure to check back again soon, I have other version of this custom Notepad to show you!!

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