Saturday, March 9, 2013

SP & Company Crop! - Hanging Photo Holder

Hello Bleeps!
Welcome to the SP & Company online crop!
I want to share a Gift option for any occasion : Hanging Photo Holder. 
It's very easy to do and gives you an lovely option for a Gift.

Here’s how I made it:
I gathered my supplies:  Red & White Cardstock those were the colors I choose but you can choose the combination for yours, Ink, pictures and stamps for mine I used SP Stamps: Large Polka Dots Background, Mustache Set.

Step 1

Cut your cardstock to size. The sizes will depend on your photo.  For mine, my pics were 5 x7 so I cut 2 Red pieces 6 x 8  for my front that way when you cut the open in front you will end showing the majority of your picture, for the background I cut two white pieces 6 ¼ x 8 ¼  .  You will end up with something like this.  Have your stamp and ink ready!

 Step 2

I first used the Large Polka Dots Background and added a white border to the edge (tip: all of your images should be put very close to the edge ‘cause you will cut the center ) and the front I added saying of birthday from Mustache Set, I add saying to center on purpose!   Be sure to add as many as you like!
Step 3

When you are comfortable with the background cut the center (remember that it will depend of how much showing you would like your pic to be) for mine I measure 1 1/16 from each border and mark a rectangular and then I cut it! It should look like this.

Step 4

When your done and completely satisfied with your background paste them on your white background leaving a ¼ “ from edge – but your need to apply your glue very close to the edge of the back of your front and leave on side without any glue – which you use to add the pic or change it later!!  Hint: let the glue dry  very dry first before adding the pic!  

Step 5
When is completely dry and the pics are ready.  Get a ribbon 2 yard long, fold it leave a loop on top and lay it down on your table place your photo holder on the order that you like, and then paste them in place. When you’re finished let it dry and embellish as desire.  For mine I add a white bow on top and 2 ribbon button on the bottom as a bit of weight to hold it in place when hanging.  And I wanted to add the 2013 on the die cut in the middle as a remembrance of the year the picture was taken. 

This could be a lovely Birthday gift as mine… I hope you’ve enjoyed my project as much as I did!! I know the recipient will  love it!
We have different techniques and projects happening today (and Sunday you will have a change to work on them ), so make sure to check out the SP & Company Facebook page and the BLOG for all of the details and inspiration!!!

  Thanks for stopping by today!
Ill see you soon with more Creation!!

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