Monday, November 12, 2012

Custom Altered 2013 Agenda!

 Hello Bleeps! 
This following days I will show you some of the Creations,  I've been working on!

Today is time for this lovely Custom Altered 2013 Agenda that I did for a customer...
She chose colors ... and voula! I started my creative process....

(sorry I forgot to take picture before)

here's  after: 
 a very detailed work that she wanted.....the colors were choose as desire and of course! there are endless combinations to choose from, the personalization can be made by the customer or you can let me work as creative as I can be!

 the ribbons are added randomly and you can choose as many colors as you like!, for this one I chose 5 different ribbons... and just worked randomly all the way thru.

I altered the front and the back (sorry no pic of the back) and if the customer want we can also personalized the inside.
  This would make a lovely gift for friends and family on this coming Holiday Season.  What do you think?

Would you like want?  Just fill out this  FORM.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Ill see you soon with more Creation!!

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