Monday, March 14, 2016

Wedding Invitations {Bride & Tux}

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Today I will share with you a very cute Custom Handmade Wedding Invitations I created couple of weeks ago.  Here's the complete invite:

  and here is all the work in progress step by step: all the pieces were cut and set aside.

here you see the dress and the tux

after all the pieces are cut, then is time for the assembly! to the front of the card.

then is the turn of the wording that goes inside the invite.

and here all the assembly progress...

after all assembly is done, the final step is the personalization with your guest name, if you like the invite can go inside of a black envelope or just like that as our client wanted to handout!

If you would like an invitation like this or would like a Custom Handmade one specially for you occasion you can contact me at or fill out the contact form HERE.
Keep up to date on our creations at pattychalas on Instagram.


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