Thursday, September 17, 2015

Handmade at Amazon selected Mis Creaciones by Patricia Chalas items!!

Is time to scream it from the RoofTop!!

Well, it's quite an honor for me at Mis Creaciones by Patricia Chalas have been selected to sell on the new yet-to-launch Handmade at Amazon site! We are thrilled to have been included in this select group of Artisans, and I’m eager waiting to see how everything is going to go down. 

The concept of Handmade at Amazon is a good one- Offer Artisan Creations and items to people all over the world. The items will not be imported, they will all be handmade. YES! 

For those of you who love to shop on, you'll now have such a nice variety of well-crafted items to now pick from. You'll also have the option to get our Mis Creaciones by Patricia Chalas items from our Blog, Instagram and Facebook page and very soon will get our creations right on Amazon!

It's very exciting...stay tuned, we'll keep you posted once it's up and running! 


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Lori Kobular said...

Congratulations and Best of Luck with your new venture with Handmade at Amazon!!