lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

Sorry I've been MIA

Sorry for the long post...... just wanted to let you all know why I was MIA lately!

Hello my Bleeps Friends!!
Sorry that I have been away lately but a lot of things have happened on my life lately that has kept me from time to neither play nor create.  After 11 days hospitalized my Mom passed away last Monday at 7:13 am I can't said she lost the battle because I know for sure that she won it and is resting by God side in heaven.  I can say that she lost it because my Mom was the strongest person I have ever met; she was a fighter and fought until the end with a smile on her face and being herself.  
On March 22nd she was diagnosed with some type of Cancer all over her stomach - we didn't know for sure where it started and where it was but it was all over.  She decided not to have Chemo because she was too weak and also because it was not going to cure her... just too maybe give her more time...but with her weakness it was not possible, so she decided not to have it.  She began to fight it with all the medicine she could deal with by mouth and dealing with every issue one at a time. I never, ever heard her complaint. She was taken to the doctor's office once every two weeks to pull out of her stomach the liquid that she was accumulating.... and that was done regularly from end of March when she was diagnosed until the end of October when after some serious dehydration we have to rush her into ICU, she spend 3 days into ICU and when she was better moved her into a room on the 2nd floor.  By them the Cancer had taken the stomach, intestine and her liver. Even thought she was going all of this her smile was always there and herself and character the same. God was preparing her and she was preparing us to be strong and accept God's will.... Oh boy! She was strong and confident that God was in control every moment and she was ready to accept his will.  She said goodbye to everyone of her closes family member and everyone that came to the hospital.... always with a smile on her face and very positive messages. And being confident and in Peace with God and everyone she lay down to sleep on Sunday night greet everyone and fell as sleep.  I was in the hospital with her that night and I can tell you that it was a very hard night.... as she fell as sleep.... her breathing was hard and during the night I stood by her side holding her hand and praying and reading to her.  I just wanted her to hear me and that she knew she was not alone.  
I stood there by her side the whole night and at 7:13 on that Monday she took her last breath 
and when peacefully to God's side. 
 I thank God for all 63years we had her and all the wonderful time we all share with her and also thank him that we had the time to say goodbye to her and she had time to say goodbye to everyone.
It is sad is not easy to lose your Mother not even when you think that you are prepared you are never prepared for it ...but my comfort and peace comes from God and from thinking that she is now resting in peace where there is not sickness, vomiting, pain, etc 
she is in Heaven in a beautiful garden of flowers happy and smiling. 

She is now our personal Guardian Angel working with God for our best.

I love you Mom, I will see you in Heaven when my time comes! 
Miss you..... Your daughter, your reina amada

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Fliss dijo...

I'm so very sorry to hear this Patty and you're in my thoughts at a very difficult time.
Sending hugs, Fliss x

Lucia Gonzalez dijo...

My deepest condolences Patty, que Dios te bendiga y te colme de paz ya que tu mami esta a su lado y te esta cuidando. Con mucho cariño, Lucía

Pat (mspfd) dijo...

My heart and prayers goes out to you, Patty, during this difficult time. You have my deepest sympathy.

~Antoinette (inspired stamps) dijo...

Much love to you, sweet Patty! What a beautiful tribute you just gave to your mother! I am praying for your comfort in this time and your peace! I look forward to meeting your mother one day in heaven, she must be so lovely!

Dr. Ivy dijo...

Patty, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that you and your family will find peace and comfort that she is in heaven experiencing no more pain, in a perfect body.

Patricia Chalas dijo...

Thank you for your message Dr. Ivy. She is!

Patricia Chalas dijo...

Thanks Antoinette for your sweet words!! She was adorable and the sweetest!!

Patricia Chalas dijo...

Thanks Pat for your prayers and taking the time to write. Blessings!

Patricia Chalas dijo...

Gracias Lucia!

Patricia Chalas dijo...

Thanks Fliss for you message. Blessings!