Monday, June 18, 2012

Tarjetas Personales - Custom Made Personalized notecards!

Hello My Bleeps! I hope you have a great week starting today!
Today I would like to share with you some recently project that I finished for a customer from Puerto Rico. She ordered Custom Made Sets of Notecards all sets comes with 12 personalized notecards and envelopes. You can choose from a variety of designs and color combinations.

Like this one very bright colors and fun for a brother & sister.

or this one for a family

and this one for to give as a gift for a friend.

We have various wrapping options when gifts:
the one you see here, using an organza bag, in which you can see thru.
in a painted wooden box and in a clear plastic bags (not shown here).

Here you can see that we tend to match the wrapping with the colors used on the note cards.

another color or wrapping using the organza bag option.

Like this, we have so many options and designs to choose from so for your next personalized project, we have exactly what you need!  If you would like to order our work or have any inquiries please fill out our form HERE or email us at: and we'll be happy to help!!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Ill see you soon with more Creation!!

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