Monday, February 6, 2012

Wooden Notecard Holder

Hello my Bleeps!
Today I have a really cool project to share with you today. Stamping on wood!
Remember that I made some cute little notecards for a special friend, well I decide that I wanted to make a Wooden Painted Notecards holder which I can use for those or new ones.

This is real fun, you can also use your SP stamps on wood!!
Let's get started!
I gather all of my supplies: Wood piece, acrilic paint: pink, white and brown, some brushes, ink, Circlestatic Background stamp.
Painted the wooden piece with the acrilic paint using the color combination of choice - for mine I used: brown, magenta and off white.

here's the finished Wooden painted notecard holder, I even painted the inside !
then using my Circlestatic Background Stamp inked with white ink pad and stamped the front of your wooden piece - tip: try on scrap paper first to measure the alignment of your stamp on the wooden piece before, after you are sure how your alignment will go then make the impression.

....your impression then will look something like this!

when you are done with the painting and impression, then just add some embellishment, I used some paper flower of the same colors add a pink button and a little bow with some white and brown PaTwine.

It should look something like this.....

Here's the finished Wooden Notecard Holder with some sample notecards inside.

This is a great gift for anyone it could be with or without the notecards...
my clients usually ask for the complete set: Notecards & Holder.
It is just a beautiful Birthday present for anyone!!

Don't forget to check out the SP Stamps Blog where you'll find more inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by!!
I'll see you soon with more Creations!


  1. Speaking of birthdays, a little birdie mentioned today was yours! I hope you ad a wonderful day!!

  2. Awesome project-love this idea!
    Sherrie K


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