Sunday, September 11, 2011

A thousand 6 x 6 sheets giveaway!!

AMY from A Thousand sheets of Paper Blog is having a big, big, giveaway!!! and this what she said....."Because I'm in the mood to celebrate (and clear out some paper) I've got A THOUSAND 6x6 sheets of paper that I'm giving away! Wanna see what 1000 sheets of paper looks like? Take a look-see...

"That's a lot of paper, huh? Perhaps just a bit much to send all to one person, so I'm breaking it apart into five candies of 200 sheets each. And the fun doesn't stop there! I couldn't celebrate another wonderful, exciting, fantabulous and simply amazing year of stamping and blogging without throwing some stamps into the mix as well! So I have collected stamps from some of my most favorite companies into oneMEGA CANDY!
Wanna know what all is included?" Check it out HERE!

Be sure to check it out and participate, who knows you might be the lucky winner!!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I'll see you soon with more Creations!!

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